A letter to parents and students

Author:xiangting Release time:21/08/06

Dear parents, dear students,

Everybody is good! Recently, the spread of the mutant Delta strain of COVID-19 from Nanjing in the mainland is becoming more and more intense, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is extremely severe. All fronts are tight epidemic prevention and safety strings, the school has already joined the battle without smoke, for all teachers and students safety and campus safety to do the school care supervision and remind the responsibility of supervision.

To this end, the school hereby, in the form of a letter, once again reminds parents and students that they must do the epidemic prevention work with a high degree of consciousness and social responsibility, comply with the epidemic prevention requirements of the country and the government, and manage themselves well is the biggest contribution to the epidemic prevention. To this end, the school, in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention authorities, emphasizes again:

Strengthen personal protection and protect self safety. 1. Develop good personal hygiene habits, such as wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, ventilation and using public chopsticks.

2, maintain a safe social distance of more than one meter, do not push, do not gather, eat less.

3. Take your temperature in the morning and evening to protect your family and self. Seek medical advice immediately if symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, decreased sense of smell or diarrhea occur.

4. Do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, do not make rumors, to be a good international high school student in the new era with opinion, independent opinion, judgment and discrimination ability.

Adhere to health monitoring, do a good job in related work. 1. Do a good job of punching in the class every day, and report the temperature and location of the day.

2. Since August 1st, students who take public transportation from other places should take nucleic acid test 2-3 to make sure that they are safe. If you stay in or pass through a medium-high risk area announced by the country, you must consciously cooperate with the local government to participate in quarantine after returning.

3. Before receiving the notice of the change of school opening time, students who have left their permanent residence should return to their residence before August 16 to ensure a valid stay at home for 14 days, and take a nucleic acid test according to article 2 above.

Strengthening epidemic prevention and control and strict travel management. 1. Keep abreast of the national and local epidemic situation on a daily basis, and keep abreast of the latest situation of the epidemic.

2. Reduce unnecessary flows. If you have travel, study, visit relatives and friends, social practice and other activities in yichang, please cancel as far as possible.

Special note. 1. Parents who have not been vaccinated due to going out or other reasons must accompany their children to the local area for vaccination, and timely inform the school for record.

2. Keep punching in the field to the head teacher every day, and truthfully report the health status of the day, as well as the track of parents' outdoor activities. Students and parents remind each other to protect the health and safety of all family members.

3. The epidemic prevention and control coincides with the hot weather. Please do not go swimming without permission, do not swim with others without permission, do not swim in places without parental supervision, do not swim in unfamiliar places, do not swim in water without safety facilities, do not help students who cannot swim. Do a good job of epidemic prevention and control while drowning work.

4. Play less or no games, take an active part in housework, finish summer homework carefully, learn to plan academic tasks by yourself, practice at home and improve English, so as to achieve both the study against the epidemic.

Parents and students, at this time of the epidemic, the best action is to do a good job of individual and family epidemic prevention and control. More importantly, we should believe in the Party and the people's government, believe in the power of science and medicine, cooperate with local governments at all levels, believe in schools, and actively do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. In the face of the epidemic, let us work together to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and escort the health and safety of families, teachers and students!

I wish all the students: family health, a happy summer vacation!

Yichang Longpanhu International School

In August 2021