High temperature comfort send cool - high leadership comfort logistics staff

Author:xiangting Release time:21/07/29

In the dog days of summer, the heat wave hits people. On the morning of July 29, Vice principal Zeng Fanxin and union leader Xiang Ying visited the support staff of international High School. In his speech, Zeng expressed his gratitude to the logistics staff. First, the logistics staff worked very hard and still stuck to their posts under the scorching sun, quietly contributing to the development of the international school. Second, the logistics staff is an important part of the international school staff, for the teachers and students of the food and daily life sincere service, escort. The logistics staff working on the front line feel warm and encouraged, said that the school must care into the power of work, as always, adhere to the post, meticulously do a good job in service support, live up to the leadership, teachers and students of the great trust and expectations, for the school construction to make the due contribution to the logistics people.