Spring Semester of 2021 Course Presentation (Session 2)

Author:xiangting Release time:21/06/26

At the end of the high school entrance examination, parents and students are faced with the problem of school choice. In order to help parents have a deeper understanding of international education and Longpanhu International High School, our school held the "International High School Curriculum Presentation" on the morning of June 26th.

At the meeting, Vice President Zeng Fanxin explained in detail the advantages of international education brought by the "A-level" curriculum system. Li also explained the advantages of international education, and introduced the policy of international high school and the suggestion of English learning. Excellent student representative Gao Shuyang had a wonderful sharing, and successfully gained a group of "little fans". The parents and teachers present all got more or less inspiration from these sharing.

After the meeting, the teachers at the information desk patiently answered the parents' questions, allowing the parents to come with questions, answer questions and then leave the school. In addition, some of the students who have strong intention to study in the school were interviewed by President Li after the meeting.

The success of this activity is inseparable from the teachers' careful preparation before the meeting, their devotion during the meeting and their careful arrangement after the meeting. Can not leave the unity of the teachers, due diligence, contingency; Full support from guests, parents and student representatives is indispensable.

With the success of this event, we have seen more and more parents and students

The willingness to approach international education and trust international high schools sends a positive signal that the temperature of the "international education market" is rising rather than falling.