Not afraid of the heat, the green arena exhibition style! -- National High School held a football match between teachers and students

Author:xiangting Release time:21/06/26

On the afternoon of June 23, the football match between teachers and students in the school football field was held as scheduled. The two teams were the teachers' team and the 19-level and 20-level student team. All the students in the national high school watched the passionate and energetic game.

The scorching sun can not melt the enthusiasm of the players and the audience, the referee gave the order, the intense competition began. The two players each performed stunts, opening the suffocating continuous match, let the audience on the scene were cheering. Team members with the previous hard training, excellent defense on the field, rapid offensive to the climax of the game, the two sides of the team's superb footwork, perfect dribbling, sharp shooting and wonderful cooperation won the audience bursts of applause. The crowd roared hard, applauding them every time they won and cheering them on every time they lost.

In the end, the football match ended in a 2-2 draw, which brought the football match between teachers and students to a successful end. The football match not only strengthened the exchange and communication between the teachers and students of the National High School, enriched the campus cultural life, but also reflected their good spirit of fighting hard and never giving up! Through this competition, our students more unity, mutual assistance, more understand the spirit of cooperation and the connotation of the competition.