Prosperity! Chinese high school students won the 2021 physics thinking challenge in the UK

Author:xiangting Release time:21/05/12

Recently, the results report of the 2021 UK Physics Thinking Challenge (Intermediate and Advanced) was announced, and our students got 1 gold, 5 silver and 9 bronze MEDALS.

The list of winners is as follows:

Global Gold Award

Xue-qiong zhu

Global Silver Award:

Zhao Yige, Yan Ran, Liu Kechen, Yang Chen, Xiong Han Zongqi

Global Bronze Award:

Qianxue Huang, Qinsiyi Wang, Hongli Dan, Cheng Tang,

Luo Zhengyi, Mei Kejia, Zheng Qi, Hou Zhiqi, Tan Li

The Intermediate & Senior Physics Challenge is organized by the British Physics Olympiad. It is a very challenging activity, which combines basic physics principles with daily life and aims to expand students' lateral thinking ability and stimulate their physical potential. It is recognized worldwide as "one of the highest level high school physics competitions in the UK".

In the competition field, students of our school have achieved great achievements by virtue of their solid learning skills and calm competition state, showing their good lateral thinking ability and physical potential.

In the process of preparing for and participating in this competition, the students were exposed to many novel types of questions and bravely accepted higher challenges than usual. At the same time, through the comparison between Chinese and English, they had a deep understanding of their global level of physics. Through the professional competition, students not only gained valuable practical experience, but also increased their knowledge in a broader platform and promoted the improvement of their comprehensive quality.

There is still a long way to go in the future. The students of our school will always keep the enthusiasm of physics learning, explore the endless world of physics, constantly improve their studies and climb the academic peak.